What We Do

Consultation & Training Services - UK & International
Retail Sales & Repair Training - Staff Selection
Tool Selection - Watch Part & Consumables Supply
Skype Conferencing - Email - Telephone Support offers a varied selection of services including watch repairs, advice, tools, parts, jewellery, watch industry news all from our on-line portfolio of web-stores. The Watch Group Company was established in 2006 and is family owned and operated. We have a fully functional distribution centre in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire with service desk and on-site repair facilities.

In 2013 we launched our bespoke on-site watch training programme.

We are also now able to offer bespoke consultation services within the UK or Internationally. Helping you to establish your business in the watch repair sector. We can offer practical advice on workshop setup, tool selection, procedural policies and best practice along with hands on training for you and your staff. We have industry proven training programmes covering basic to intermediate on-site watch repairs, sales training literature covering the best way to sell everyday repairs, successful capture of high value servicing work etc.

See our feedback from our most recent project in Gibraltar.

Watch Parts
Our original wedsite, was launched in early 2006 stocking a small selection of new and used watch Parts. However, things have changed and we now stock over 10,000 products on this site alone.

Watch Tools
Our second website was launched late 2006  stocking many well know Swiss Made watch tools and consumables from the likes of Bergeon, Horotec, ELMA, A&F etc. now stocks over 2500 products.

Watch Repair Help
Our third website was also launched late 2006. Watch Repair Help offers help, advice and hopefully solutions to everyday watch repair related problems.

Watch Retail
Our Fourth website was launched early in 2007. On this website we supply a huge selection of genuine manufacturers replacement straps and bracelets from the Swiss watch houses of Omega, TAG Heuer,  Longines to the fashion label brands of DKNY, Armani, CK, Fossil etc..

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Is It Value For Money?

Any form of training has an advantage for someone, if be you, the customer or your member of staff. Choosing a package that suits your requirements and training needs will benefit everyone! Pick up the extra business by offering your customers in store, same day battery & reseals, be able to confidently and safely remove bracelet links, secure that high value service by knowing how to control the sale.

Whats A Bespoke Package?

You tells us? We will undertake any training that you need in watch, clock or jewellery repair. We can write a training programme designed just for you. We will discuss your needs, evaluate your requirements and administer the bespoke solution.

Sales Training

We can provide extensive sales training for you and your staff. A very simple formula that really works and is already successfully in use in many customer facing businesses within the UK and further afield. Give your staff the confidence to succeed!

How Is It All Worked Out?

Just like any other consultation work we have a simple formula so we can give you the best price possible. We work out how many hours will be required based on what you need or how long we envisage the package to take to be administered, add to this any expense and you have price final price

We Have Specific Needs

We can write a bespoke package based on your exact requirements. We're happy to help you get what you need from the training and will make sure the package is 100% fit for your purpose

Watch Repair Tutorial

Bracelet repair, clasp repair, crown and stem fitting, glass replacement, module exchange, hand removing, case opening and closing, battery installation, resealing and much more!

What’s Taught?

We really are a one stop shop! We can teach basic repairs on watch bracelets to full mechanical repairs to watches AND clocks. We are also able to teach jewellery repairs and fabrication if required

Do You Visit Me?

Yes all our packages are designed with on-site training in mind. We can visit and train you and your staff anywhere in the world (additional costs will apply for non UK based training). The whole process starts with a pre-visit check list to ensure we have everything in place to complete the training.

What’s Does The Training Include?

We have several packages as well as bespoke options so its difficult to answer this, but its all one on one using professional techniques taught by an experienced watch repairer.

How Much Does The Training Cost?

We have packages from as little as £195 which includes one on one training at your premises

Training Packages

We have many options available from our standard package to the premium and bespoke  packages. Everyone is completely customisable.